Adıyamanstate hospital was started to be built on a land donated by the late philanthropist businessman Hacı Mehmet Inan in 1954 and opened to service in 1963 with 50 bed capacity. In later periods, the physical structure has expanded and bed capacity was increased to 315.

Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital was opened to service in 1998, and served until 2012.

82th year state hospital began to give service in 1962 as a health station which was afilliated to Malatya SSK hospital, in 1974 it was converted to a dispensory with 26 bed capacity. Since 2001,it has been continued to serve as hospital. By the decision of transfer of all SSK hospitals to the Health Ministry in 2005, the building had served as Adıyaman 82th Year State Hospital with 100 bed capacity until 2012.

In March 2012 Adıyaman State Hospital,82th Year State Hospital and Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital were united and serve under the name of Adıyaman Education and Research Hospital since then.

After affiliation with Adıyaman University Faculty of Medicine in August 2012, it has been increased its service capacity and quality under the name of Adıyaman University Education and Research Hospital.

T.C Ministry of Health Adıyaman University Education and Research Hospital  was moved to the new building of the new hospital campus in 25.06.2015 and serves with 663 bed capacity in three campuses. From 01.02.2019, the bed capacity has been increased to 710 beds and continues to serve.

  • Adıyaman University Education and Research Hospital(Central Campus)
  • Obstetrics and Pediatrics Hospital (Additional Service Building)
  • 82th Year Additional Service Building