Emergency Services


Emergency servıces provide 24-hour uninterrupted service to ensure the timely and complete fulfillment of the necessary medical intervention to emergent patients.

There are total of 54 observation beds; 17 observation rooms for children, 30 observation rooms for adult patients and 7 maternity care patient rooms in our units.

Yellow area examination salloon with 19 beds ,red area resuscitation rooms 6 beds, 1 surgical intervention room, 2 injecting rooms, 2 x-ray rooms, 1 ultrasound room, emergency laboratory unit and staff rooms are availablein our Emergency units.

Emergency Medicine Specialists, obstetrics and gynaecology specialists, child health and diseases specialists, general practitioner doctors, assistant physicians, nurses, midwifes, health officers, emergency medical technicians, radiology technicians, laboratory technicians,data processing personnels, serving with security guards and cleaning staff serves in the units.

All support departments such as laboratories, x-ray, computerized tomography and MR units work 24 hours a day. Each unit in our hospital serves with experienced and talented medical staff in their field.

Patients presenting to our emergency services are listed by health personnel according to the importance of their situation and physicians perform medical intervention according to this ranking. Specialists from each of the surgical and clinical branches are on call duty if emergent consultations are needed.

Our Emergency Services:

Adult Emergency Service(Main Building)

Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency Service(Additional Service Building)

Children's Emergency Service(Additional Service Building)