Chemotherapy Unit


General Information

Cancer is a group of malignant diseases caused by uncontrolled growth and proliferation of cells that have been altered by some effects, both locally and at remote locations. Cancer is an increasingly important health and life problem. As a cause of death, it is immediately followed by cardiovascular diseases.

The most common cancers in our country are lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach and pancreas in men; breast, lung, colorectal, cervix, ovary, stomach and pancreas cancers

Chemotherapy means treating the tumor with medication. It is a very important part of tumor treatment together with surgery and radiation therapy. With chemotherapy, tumor cells are killed or tumor growth is stopped. Sometimes one, sometimes several drugs are administered by various means.

The branch dealing with chemotherapy is called MEDICAL ONCOLOGY and the doctor working in this field is called MEDICAL ONCOLOGIST. Medical oncology is a separate specialty; medical oncologist is an internal medicine specialist specializing in tumor treatment.


Oncology Polyclinic and Chemotherapy Unit

Medical oncology polyclinic and our chemotherapy unit are located on the ground flor of the main building. Our Medical Oncology Polyclinic and Chemotherapy Unit serves with 1 physician and 6 nurses. We have a total of 16 chemotherapy chairs.

In our outpatient unit, there is a Day Chemotherapy Unit where polyclinics and outpatient chemotherapy applications are performed and new consultations and ongoing consultations are performed.

Patients who wish to benefit from our outpatient clinic should apply to the Medical Oncology Outpatient Clinic with a one-day appointment.

Patients should bring their pathology and surgery reports, epicrisis, radiology tests and their old files in hand when they come.

The patients admitted to our outpatient clinic are evaluated by the physician, examined, the oncology file is opened and then appropriate treatment is planned.

Patients and their relatives are informed about the condition of the disease and treatment. Information about chemotherapy is given by our oncology nurses, then outpatient treatment is applied.