Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

Plastic and reconstructive surgery deals with all types of surgical problems occurred on the entire body surface either congenitally or acquired.

Our Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic provides healthcare services with 1 associate professors and 2 specialist doctors. Our plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery service serves in a 17-beds capacity inpatient clinic on the fourth floor of the main building. Approximately 3.400 operations are performed each year.

Services offered:

  • Craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery (Treatment of deformities in craniofacial bones and related soft tissues due to accidents or traumas, treatment of cleft lip and palate, treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders)
  • Treatment of various vascular disorders (such as hemangioma and vascular malformation)
  • Treatment of skin cancers
  • Treatment of all hand and arm disorders (such as trigger finger, Dupuytren's disease, tendon transfers, hand tumors, tendon adhesions)
  • Diabetic foot treatment
  • Treatment of various burn-related sequels
  • Treatment of diseases caused by injury or pressure of nerves in hand and arm (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Vaginal reconstruction due to various reasons such as congenital anomaly or trauma
  • All types of aesthetic surgical procedures (Such as rhinoplasty, eyelid and periorbital aesthetics, aesthetic ear surgery, face-lift, forehead and temple reconstruction,  breast reduction, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, classic or laser liposuction, etc)
  • All types of minimal invasive aesthetic procedures (such as botox, types of filling, facial rejuvenation with Fractional Erbium laser, laser treatment of superficial capillary vessels, microdermabrasion peeling, PRP).