Brain and Nerve Surgery

          Brain and Nerve Surgery Clinic(Neurosurgery) provides healthcare services with 2 assistant professor and 4 specialist doctors .  Neurosurgery Clinic offers services with an outpatient clinic on the base floor of the main building ,an Intensive Care Unit with 15 beds and a treatment service with a capacity of a total of 26 beds .The rooms are single or double occupancy. Each room is equipped with telephone, WC, bathroom,TV and air conditioning. The Department carries out a total of 1900 operations every year.

Medical and surgical services offered:

  • Brain Tumour Diseases
  • Spinal Cord Tumour Diseases
  • Vascular Diseases of the Brain
  • Traumas related to the head, spine / spinal cord (brain haemorrhage, spinal fractures, etc.)
  • Peripheral neurologic diseases and nerve entrapment, i.e. compression
  • Herniations of upper & lower back and neck discs
  • Childhood Brain Surgery Diseases
  • Hydrocephaly Operations
  • Spine anomalies (myelomeningocele, meningeal disorders, tense spinal cord syndrome, etc.)
  • Brain and cranial anomalies (Chiari malformations, encephalocele, etc.)
  • Nonsurgical algological operations aiming the treatment of back and neck pains (epidural facet joint injections, etc.)