Burn Unit


Burn Unit is located on the ground floor of the main hospital building.
The Burn Unit ; Is an isolated unit where minimum sterilization conditions are established, and care and treatment of burn patients who need inpatient treatment but do not require special treatment are provided.
The burn unit provides comprehensive care for adults and children. Its specialized team consists of experts in plastic and reconstructive surgery, physical and occupational therapy, nursing, psychology, nutrition, social work and case management.

Causes of Burns Some of the most common causes of burns include:
· Scalds from a hot liquid
· Contact with flame
· Contact with a hot object, such as a cigarette, stove, iron, etc.
· Electrical burns, (high and low voltage, lightening)
· Steam burns, such as those that occur in industrial accidents (steam burns often cause injury to the airways of the lungs)
· Gas burns from inhalation of hot gas
· Flash burns from rapid ignition of a flammable gas or liquid
· Hot tar burns
· Chemical burns from alkaline or acid substances

Services provided in our Burn Unit are as follows:
Moderate burns (in cases where co- factors do not increase risk)
Burned body surface with no multiple trauma and inhalation injury, of whom with no intensive care need.
Up to 25% grade 2 and 10% grade 3 burns in adults
Up to 20% grade2 and 10% grade 3 burns in children.